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Top 10 reasons to join ShippingSpace.Net

Free trial: Try our software and receive technical support at no charge during the evaluation period. When you download the software, you get the complete updated version, not a demo one. Data you enter is kept in the software’s database so you can continue your operations when you make your purchase. We offer free 30-day trial.

Get a complete solution: Our software does it all-in for one price, we give you everything in one package with full of features that meet your needs now and as you grow.  With SMS Live software, you can automate your business with many built-in features designed specifically for shipping operations and the related accounting managements.

Real time tracking 24/7 online: Our solution provide real-time access from anywhere in the world. As you enter data & publish it, your customers can log in and see their shipment status immediately with no delay.

AMS Solution Built-in: SMS Live offers a fully integrated Automated Manifest System (AMS) to comply with US Customs regulations for ocean imports. You now will not waste time to get an advantage over web-based systems that require you to re-type information: Your information is saved in the SMS Live system and ready each time you need it.

EDI to Carrier Built-in: SMS Live offers a fully intergrated EDI with Inttra carriers that help you to save time to make Booking and send Shipping Instruction to carriers directly from software. You now will not waste time to type data on carrier’s  website or software any longer.

Easy-to-use Interface: SMS Live software’s user interface is designed to be easy to use and makes operations tasks quick to process that walks you through the steps. Customization documents, lists, and reports to your business needs.

Ready-to-use website: after few clicks, a website for your company will be ready to use that intergrated e-Services provide for your Clients and Agents that reduce communication by fax, phone, and emails.

Streamlined Partner Connection: all your Client & Agent can connect  you smoothly, thru Communication Systerm and intergrated e-Services provied on website. Alert will be auto pop-up for any incomming (messages, booking, shipping order…) that helps to increase quality service.

Reduce your Costs: cost will be much reduced by saving time, human resource, low investment.

Worry-free with our Support system: non-stop support system via online support, phone, email, and support tickets that help your opreration running smoothly, non-jam on release documents.