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CDS Live & Live SMS are specialized software of GOL in import and export, electronic customs declarations and international logistics field and widely use in Vietnam.
With the advanced technical solutions, systems management functionality has helped to perfect for software products so that they are not only meet thousands of business customers but also that can synchronize data with complicated systems of important principals such as Carriers, Customs.

Using cloud computing technology, CDS Live & Live SMS has demonstrated remarkable ability of the GOL in technology,  product offers many features, ease of use, mobility so that customer can use with extremely cost savings and effectively. The Live software of GOL opens gate of the world for all users whom can reach multi benefits.

Become one of the leading solutions provider for global community of international logistics company is our GOL in coming time.

E-solution, website

Electronic solutions for business development and management is one of the advantages of GOL when designing website for clients. With GOL, website is not just an electronic catalog but it should be auto sales machine, creating relationships with worldwide customers as well as the management tool for board of Director can supervise each division or branch conveniently, fast and efficiently. Further than every electronic solutions should be suited individual requirements on business and management of organizations and enterprises. With the experienced designing team with capable of creative, acumen and application of modern technology, GOL has designed many electronic solutions for well known companies in Vietnam, the government organizations.

Therefore, GOL also released book "Guidebook of construction and development of E-Commerce" , which is used for training as well as selves study for businessman. The contents give them a background in order that they can find out themselves a method and effective solutions for their enterprises' own participating in the global market through internet.


Since its founding, GOL has always been to establish a position on electronic commerce in Vietnam through the website known as:,,, www . .. Business websites online GOL perfect combination of creative ideas from the stage of technical solutions to the organization of network efficiency and operational strategies. Therefore always address the procurement of consumer confidence throughout Vietnam and other countries especially the U.S. and Australia.

Not only is the consumer products for everyday housewives to office workers, GOL also provides products fresh flowers, cakes and other special gifts and gift cards theater tickets, Movies tickets, etc and online services such as FDA registration and declaration for enterprises to export to America.

GOL's success in electronic commerce has helped many partners from manufacturers to consumption goods importers by a wide sales channel, brand promotion effectiveness. They have used the sales distribution channels of GOL to be able to reach customers nationwide and exported to other countries. Thus GOL - Commerce has become the exclusive distribution partner for many international and domestic brands. Several companies also choose GOL - Commerce for providing their promotional gifts programs to customers. Because only through Golmart, Golgift . All nationwide customers can choose beloved gifts and receive at home easily, even though they are in Hochiminh City or Hanoi or any other provinces.

Further, GOL - Commerce offers many special solutions to promote and development market for supplying partners such as The Best Seller contest. Through the contest, the contestants have made many products and brands reach a large customer in the country. The success of the contest has made e-commerce in general, GOL - in particular closer and popular with Vietnamese consumers.


Products and technical solutions of Information Technology and E-commerce are the foundation of GOL’s special and high quality training programs. The training program is built based on practical and applied directly on electronic solutions, software as important as the CDS, SMS. Therefore these programs not only provide opportunities for trainees to access specialized knowledge but also training trainees the skills needed to use and exploit the special software and E-commerce.

With this advantage GOL is cooperating with E-commerce and Information Technology Bureaus of the Ministry of Trade and industry, as well as universities in Vietnam. In particular, the entrepreneur training program, GOL Edu is expected by excellent trainees who want to experience and find out knowledge of business and management thru real  project in the international, dynamic business environment and highly technical application of GOL Company. The main training programs will be seeded into the talented entrepreneurs who can own the flat world is that important goal in future.